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German Master Horse Trainer/Insrtuctor
Scarlett Fahrenson

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certified German Master Horse Trainer/Instructor FN and FENA (Austria). USDF Silver Medal & USDF Silver Freestyle Bar. Competing at FEI
St. Georg Dressage & Schooling Barn
P.O. Box 1276
United States
Scarlett is a native German professional with two master degrees and more than 30 years experience. She trained and showed horses in Europe successfully Dressage, Jumping and 3-day eventing at Championship level and trained riders up to these levels. In the US she competes at FEI level and has the USDF Silver Medal & USDF Silver Freestyle Bar. Scarlett emphasizes Classic Dressage. Her trainings method is based on the German principles of riding, known as the most successful way to achieve correctness. Available for clinics, top boarding facility, horses for sale, will help to sell your horse.

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