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Angie Taylor Dressage
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The online craze has touched the horse world in many ways. North San Diego County Dressage Trainer, Angie Taylor, has introduced Lessons Online for anyone who wants to learn more about their riding or their horse’s performance. Students can upload a video clip to YouTube and they will receive a detailed report and trainer analysis from Angie. This is an excellent tool for show preparation or feedback about a show performance, learning new movements or problem solving. This convenient method for supplementing regular riding lessons is also helpful with the gas crunch we are all feeling – where a student may now be able to practice at home and send in the video clip for evaluation to reduce the number of trailer-in lessons. Then, in person lessons can be done to prepare right before competition. Online lessons also allows riders from all over to get Angie’s input about their riding – truly one of the best benefits of the online craze is that riders now have access to Trainers no matter where they live – geography is no longer an issue! The new online lesson program is just one aspect of the training operation offered by Angie Taylor Dressage. Angie has studied under several top Dressage Trainers including 5 years as a working student at Steffen Peters’ barn where she worked with Janet Peters. She has also studied and trained with Christine Traurig, Dietrich Vonhopftgarten, Liz Searle, Charles DeKunffy, Shannon Peters and Michael Etherly. From these experiences with well known trainers, Angie has developed her skills and knowledge into her own philosophy and techniques. Angie loves working with dedicated students, whether they want to learn to compete or not. Not everyone has the goal of participating in shows, so Angie will customize each rider’s lesson program to their specific interests. In addition to possessing the skill and knowledge to be a top trainer, Angie believes personality and work ethic play a major role towards success. In order for lesson and training students to do their best, they need to feel comfortable with their Trainer. Angie is friendly, easy to get along with and truly enjoys people. She is honest, reliable and genuine. Her hard work and dedication to the sport of Dressage shines through and provides an inspiration to her students. Online or in-person lessons, training and coaching, plus clinics are all available to new clients at Angie Taylor Dressage in North San Diego County. To find out more, please contact Angie Taylor by visiting the website at, sending an e-mail or giving her a call at 858-335-8832.

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