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USDF Bronze Medalist now accepting horses and riders for full and partial training
Amber Clark

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USDF Bronze Medalist
AMC Training and Sales
5905 Franklin Goldmine Road
United States
“My experience training, teaching and competing all breeds, in many disciplines, has taught me the tremendous value of Classical Dressage. I strive to improve all horses and riders by using a patient and systematic approach that adheres to the principles of classical training.” Amber Clark’s training background includes Eventing, Hunters and Jumpers, Arabian show horses and FEI level Dressage. Although young in years, Amber is certainly not short on experience. Her vitality and commitment to her student insures a successful experience for anyone who trains with her. With a passion for Dressage and a wide ranging interest in all forms of riding and all breeds, Amber blends the theoretical knowledge required with a deep well of practical experience. She has trained her own horses to Prix St. George and has herself been trained to Grand Prix. A recent testament to Ambers skills came when her Interscholastic Team from Cherokee High School (a program she helped to begin) finished seventh in the nation. Ambers ability to work with all breeds, disciplines and temperaments makes her an unusual and important resource in our community. She would love to introduce you to Classical Dressage or help further your education. Please see my website for a full resume and further information on my system and business. Feel free to call with questions.

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