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Caldwell Dressage
Tina Caldwell

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Accomplished Grand Prix competitor and trainer
Rancho Riding Club
862 Viva Court
Solana Beach
United States
I am a native of San Diego. I have been riding for 32 years and have been a trainer for 20 years.I have worked and trained with Guenter Seidel for 18 years and cliniced with such greats as Robert Dover, Klaus Balkenhaul, Ulla Salzgeber and Dietrich Von Hofgarten. I am located at the Rancho Riding Club in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe and have been at the riding Club for 14 years. I offer a full service dressage faciltity with a full time groom, assistants, 24 hour night watchman and school horses are available for those getting started. My specialities include upper level competition and matching horse and rider combinations.

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