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USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist, Eckart Meyners Graduate Instructor
Allison Faso

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Eckart Meyners (Balimo) Graduate Instructor, USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist
Dressage Connections
47024 Gardner Dr
United States
As a trainer & instructor, I am committed to investing in my own education so that I can better serve my clients. I participate in monthly clinics & lessons with top US & International riders and have traveled to Germany to train at the German Riding School in Warendorf. I am one of 16 Core Instructors in the Balimo (Eckart Meyners) Training Program for Riders. Based on established educational and teaching theories, the EMITP also adds a dynamic focus on the physiology & movement of the rider. Integrated through a mind/body approach, the EMITP gives instructors the skills required to create independent & feeling students, resulting in success for everyone involved. In addition, my dedication to realistic & consistent goal setting supported by a step-by-step training plan for you and your horse will help you stay focused and accelerate your progress. I take great pride in bringing all of my education to work for my students and my goal is to provide and environment based on quality, not quantity. I can provide you with an incredible amount of resources that will aid you in your educational process. My tool box is filled with exercises to help overcome everything from trouble in the sitting trot to performance anxiety. I can recommend a course of action for the student that will take advantage of all the educational resources I can offer and you will achieve an accelerated rate of learning and have a more satisfying experience.

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