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susanne Benne

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German Pferdewirtschaftsmeister FN . Usdf Gold Medalist
655 N. Burnett Rd
United States
I grew up on a Horse Farm in middle Germany . My Family bred and competed Horses since 4 Generations . For me it was it was clear I wanted to be a certified Dressage Horse trainer. So I did, completed my course and studies in Germany to be a Pferdewirtschaftsmeister after 5 years of school , studies and competitions. I trained all my Horses myself up to Grand Prix. My husband who is an american and I and my three Kids moved in 2000 to Florida and in 2004 we bought our business and build up Halfhaltstables a full training facility. My love is teaching and training Horses through the Levels. Besides that I am working on Pony Dressage in Central Florida. Building up large Ponies and Kids .

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