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Classically Competitive Dressage
Kelly Winner

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Licensed by Approved Riding School Society of America, Member of USDF, USEF, ARIA. Trained horses and riders to championships through 4th level
WinnWard Dressage
New jersey
United States
I have spent 20 years cultivating strong training and teaching skills. I enjoy educating my students by providing them with clear, concise instruction. My clients are taught to recognize and set realistic training goals. I am non-discriminatory…whether you and your horse are just starting out or well into your training I can help you improve! Learn how correct instruction with clear concise methodology based in classical dressage with a competitive edge will propel you forward. With an emphasis on solid basics and kindness surely you will discover the advantage of DRESSAGE! I am currently continuing toward my goal of international competition showing stallion, Babar 9048 in 4th level and PSG. This is possible because of the constant assistance from top trainers and riders in the world. I ride regularly with Master Trainers from Europe and the top riders in the US.

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