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Dressage Training, Lessons, Clinics, Sales
Ronald Postleb

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German Masters Degree in Horsemanship Reitlehrer FN
Crown Dressage International Inc.
16 Shortwoods Rd.
New Fairfield
United States
Ron Postleb's training adheres to classical dressage principles.Ron believes that riding must be a source of enjoyment for horse and rider, derived from dedication and hard work. Rather than looking for quick-fixes, Ron focuses on the long-term success and satisfaction of each rider and horse combination. His 35 years of experience provides a depth of knowledge of different exercises and when they are useful. His focus balances training of the horse, the rider and the two together. Ron brings 30 years of international experience to dressage clinics. He is an accomplished lecturer for presenting or discussing a variety of dressage-related topics. Ron has taught dressage in Germany, Canada, and the United States. His current clinic schedule makes him available to students throughout the United States and Canada.

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